Konstanz — 2013

Konstanz Döbele
Konstanz Döbele

Konstanz Döbele

Konstanz Döbele

competition entry for the public competiton Städtebaulicher Ideenwettbewerb – Döbele Platz Konstanz.

The idea is to create a mountain that is a parking garage for the needs of the pedestrian area near the historical centre . At the edges is the hill like garage. Additionally there are public buildings such as a shopping mall and a student house. On the top of the hill we place housing in a small scale which mimics the green housing. It combines the small buildings of the ancient city but has the scale and height of the Grüderzeit quarter on the edges. There is a small plaza towards the old town of Konstanz. Both the ground floor and the basement parking have a direct connection to the old town. The pedestrian path and the bike lane are on the top of the parking hill.

In collaboration with Iva Kocheva

Döbele Platz
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2.000 m2

Date of design

December 1st 2k13 - filed under architecture.