Shift Friseure — 2014

interior design for Shift Friseure.

The hairdresser’s studio Shift has the concept of exposing the beauty and finding different facets of the same. For this purpose the mirrors are put into folded walls and create a kaleidoscope of segments of the everyday life, clients and hairdresser’s in the studio. It is a real illusion as you see everybody in the mirror, but you cannot locate them. The mirror installation is growing in the height towards the wall with a signature picture of shift’s award winning hair styling. This again is a second illusion to optically shorten space when looking towards the picture and creating an illusion of a very long space the looking towards the entrance. On the ceiling there is an acoustic installation made out of garage acoustic panels that are very ruff but through their braids like shape with the glossy, mounting buttons and the light, the installation becomes its soft ornamental look.

In collaboration
with Thomas Konsolke, C95 Architekten

Berlin, Mitte

200 m2

Date of design

July 1st 2k14 - filed under architecture.